Berwick Tourism Conference

As Berwick enters a new, exciting phase of tourism development, we held a Tourism Conference on the 8th of April for the launch event of the Berwick Ambassador’s Scheme, a key tourism enterprise created as part of the Welcome Visitor Project.

The Welcome Visitor Project is working to develop Berwick’s potential as a Visitor Destination through a series of events and initiatives, designed to maximise visitor spend by capitalising on every opportunity to increase visitor footfall, encourage longer stays and repeat visits, enhance visitor experiences and to extend the current visitor season, ultimately resulting in increased commercial successes for local businesses and positive brand development for the town.

During the conference there was an opportunity to hear more about the Welcome Visitor Project and discover how you can become involved to develop your business. There was also a review of the 2018 visitor season in Berwick & Northumberland, an insight into future tourism trends, plus the chance to hear about Berwick’s new and emerging visitor attractions for the 2019 season