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April 2018 – Berwick Barracks Update


Berwick Port

Update Dec 2018
Berwick harbour commission’s chief executive has retired. View the story on the Berwick Advertiser website here

The newly completed Pontoons were opened by MP Anne-Marie Trevelyn on 3rd December 2018. Here is a link to the article from her website.

Update May 2018
The port of Berwick is a Trust Port and the Harbour Commission was constituted as a Harbour Authority in the Berwick-upon-Tweed Harbour Act of 1872. The Commissioners have, for 146 years, managed the commercial port of Berwick.

Berwick Harbour Commission was successful with a CCF Round 4 Bid and is currently working on the project to replace the alignment jetty at the Tweed Dock and create a cruise ship passenger landing facility. This project will be delivered either late Summer 2018 or Spring 2019. In response to the call for CCF Round 5 projects the Harbour Commission has developed a proposal which builds on the current project to enable the Port of Berwick to provide a cruised passenger terminal and a comprehensive ‘offer’ to the towns visitors.

The proposal aims to create a high quality, comfortable reception centre for cruise ship passengers; coach trippers; walkers and general tourists at the port. The centre will house a lounge, coffee shop, shower/toilet block, a tourist information hub and will be available to all visitors whether on foot, in a car, a coach or arriving by tender from sea.

The proposal incorporates a secure coach park, accommodating up to six vehicles, which will be available to all coaches, providing a much-needed facility currently lacking in the town. Cruise ship coaches would be prioritised as necessary.

Completion of the Round 4 project opens up a lucrative new tourism market for Berwick. Discussions with cruise ship operators has established the level of interest and expected demand for a cruise ship passenger landing facility. The proposals aim to develop shore side facilities for these passengers will complement and significantly enhance the current project providing the town with a stronger tourism offer.



Plans are to secure the future of the Tweed dock jetty and groyne, the 10 jobs presently supported there, with plans to create up to a further 70 more jobs once the project is completed.

You can find updates from the Berwick Advertiser below:

Photos from the Ministers visit to the port, courtesy of Julie Kennedy Berwick Community Trust